In Memory of Pat Clayton

The Friends of Ramsaysburg mourn the loss of our beloved partner, Pat Clayton. Pat was a dedicated member of not only the Friends but also the Knowlton Historic Commission. Pat’s important work in creating the Ramsaysburg Riverside Amphitheater, with Rick Clarkson, Jim Ashe, Don Boyd and others, has given Knowlton a perpetual gift enjoyed by all. It was the first step in trying to restore the grounds to its former glory. He was a gentle giant in getting things accomplished at Ramsaysburg, unconcerned with receiving credit, satisfied in knowing that the job was done well. 
Pat was a beloved friend to many in the Knowlton community, and his dedication as a life member of the Knowlton Fire Department led to his recognition as the 2014 Firefighter of the Year.  His good humor, kind wisdom and easy-going manner endeared Pat to all who knew him.  
Pat will long be remembered for his creative contributions and sincere enjoyment in working together for a good causeat Ramsaysburg. May his family and friends hold his memory dear, knowing how deeply his loss is felt by all of those who cherish and value our township’s history.