Historical restoration is a long, tedious and sometimes, frustrating process. Successful projects rely on the coordination of many trades and professions over a long period of time, all supported by a succession of grant applications and awards garnered by volunteers in their “spare time.” As the years drift by it is sometimes important to remember how far we’ve come!

2 thoughts on “Before!

  1. I hope everyone in Knowlton passes by the Ramsaysburg Homestead site over the next few months to witness the ongoing reconstruction of the exterior of the main house that is being funded by our current grant. Check out the progress that has been made by comparing these photos from the early years with the site as it now exists. Stroll down the restored path to the river and enjoy the quiet beauty that should give pride to the citizens of our township.

  2. Glad to see the property being taken care of, I grew up about 3 miles away and played many hours on the property as a kid!

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