Other local sites of interest

The Delaware Water Gap dominates Knowlton Township’s western skyline.

Other historic sites in Knowlton Township that relate to the Ramsaysburg Homestead include the following:

  • Columbia Glassworks Site: Early 19th century glassworks history related to river transportation and resources.
  • Lime Kiln Site: While interpretation at Ramsay Homestead will include interpretation of the marketing of farm produce via river shipment, interpretation at the lime kiln site will relate to pre-railroad farming. This site will also address the significance of local flora as it was utilized by early settlers.
Lime Kiln in Knowlton Township
  • Delaware Village: Railroad development led to the decline of Ramsaysburg and the development of Delaware Station, a railroad depot and planned village center created by John I. Blair. Its building stock represents a showcase of rural 19th and early 20th century vernacular residential, ecclesiastical and commercial architecture.
  • Columbia Village Transportation Sites: The junction of river, roads and railroad in Columbia included ferries and road traffic, railroad bridges and pedestrian bridges through three centuries.
  • Paulinskill Viaduct Site: At the time of its construction by the DL&W Railroad, the Paulinskill Viaduct was the largest reinforced concrete structure in the world. Its interpretation will contribute to the understanding of railroad history, significant developments in engineering and the preservation of built and environmental resources in Knowlton Township.Ramsaysburg_Pano2015
  • Octagon School Site: Noteworthy for its unusual architecture, the former school interprets early education in the area. Note that because the school is located within a privately-owned cemetery, interpretive signage and other interpretive initiatives will be possible only with the cooperation of the owners.
  • Others include a slate quarry site, the Village of Hainesburg, churches and church cemeteries, etc.