Planning Process

Following completion of the Historic Structures Report for Ramsaysburg Homestead, the next step was to undertake strategic planning for use and interpretation of the site. For this purpose, the Knowlton Township Historic Commission engaged the services of consultant Linda B. McTeague, and recruited a twelve-member Strategic Planning Committee comprised of representatives from the Knowlton Township Historic Commission, the Knowlton Township Environmental Commission, the Township Committee and interested citizens of Knowlton Township and surrounding communities.
The three-part plan was to include the following:

  • Historical Interpretation: To present site-related, interpretive experiences and resources that increase knowledge of regional historic contexts and themes; provide a cultural center that will foster appreciation of that history; and create linkages to related sites and resources that will help the public make connections to the past.
  • Recreation and the Environment: To foster awareness, appreciation and stewardship of the natural and built environments at Ramsaysburg Homestead through educational programs and passive, low-impact outdoor recreational opportunities.
  • The Arts: To create a venue for artistic expression and appreciation of the arts, provide a regional cultural resource that is compatible with the historic and rural character of Ramsaysburg Homestead, and enhance the site’s attributes for visitors.

Ramsaysburg Restoration

Green Acres acquired the Ramsaysburg property in 2000 to become a part of the Beaver Brook Wildlife Management area. But the Department of Environmental Protection was unable to maintain or protect any of the structures of the hamlet. The Knowlton Township Historic Commission worked with the Township of Knowlton to arrange a lease of the property from the DEP.
Saving Ramsaysburg required state, county and local funding to stabilize the buildings, as well as extensive research to support listing the site on the New Jersey and the National Register of Historic Places. Since 2002, the Knowlton Township Historic Commission has applied for and received grants from the Warren County Cultural & Heritage Commission, Warren County Municipal and Charitable Conservancy Trust Fund, Delaware River Greenway Partnership, Garden State Historic Preservation Trust Fund/New Jersey Historic Trust, and the National Park Service/Martins Jacoby Watershed Association.